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15th International Conference
on Digital Audio Effects
September 17-21, 2012
York, UK

DAFx-12 Proceedings

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Keynote 1:

The Music of Speech
Trevor Wishart
Oral Session 1:
Spectral Processing and Analysis

Automatic Partial Extraction From the Modal Distribution [#68]
Thomas Lysaght, Joseph Timoney and Victor Lazzarini

VST Plug-in Module Performing Wavelet Transform in Real-time [#61]
Pavel Rajmic, Zdenek Prusa and Robert Konczi

Poster Presentations 1:

Practical Empirical Mode Decomposition For Audio Synthesis [#12]
Niklas Klügel

The Simplest Analysis Method for Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Modeling [#35]
Sylvain Marchand

Metamorph: Real-Time High-Level Sound Transformations Based on a Sinusoids Plus Noise Plus Transients Model [#53]
John Glover, Victor Lazzarini and Joseph Timoney

Range-constrained Phase Reconstruction for Recovering Time-domain Signal from Quantized Amplitude & Phase Spectrogram [#66]
Sho Sato, Nobutaka Ono, Yutaka Kamamoto and Shigeki Sagayama
Oral Session 2:
Processing via Non-negative Matrix Factorisation

Effective Separation of Low-Pitch Notes Using NMF Using Non-Power-of-2 Discrete Fourier Transforms [#44]
Ta-Chun Chen, Tien-Ming Wang, Ya-Han Kuo and Alvin Su

Shifted NMF with Group Sparsity for Clustering NMF Basis Functions [#38]
Rajesh Jaiswal, Derry Fitzgerald, Eugene Coyle and Scott Rickard

Sparse Decomposition, Clustering and Noise for Fire Texture Sound Re-Synthesis [#65]
Stefan Kersten and Hendrik Purwins

Poster Presentations 2:

A jump start for NMF with N-FINDR and NNLS [#78]
Joachim Ganseman and Paul Scheunders

Drumkit Transcription via Convolutive NMF [#39]
Henry Lindsay-Smith, Skot McDonald and Mark Sandler
Oral Session 3:
Physical Modelling

Real-time Finite Difference Physical Models of Musical Instruments on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) [#47]
Florian Pfeifle and Rolf Bader

Soliton Sonification - Experiments with the Kortweg-deVries Equation [#76]
Rudolf Rabenstein

A pickup model for the Clavinet [#62]
Luca Remaggi, Leonardo Gabrielli, Rafael Cauduro Dias de Paiva, Vesa Välimäki and Stefano Squartini

A Physically-Constrained Source Model for FDTD Acoustic Simulation [#48]
Jonathan Sheaffer, Maarten Van Walstijn and Bruno Fazenda

Poster Presentations 3:

Analysis of Sound Field Distribution for Room Acoustics: From the Point of View of Hardware Implementation [#31]
Yiyu Tan, Yasushi Inoguchi, Yukinori Sato, Makoto Otani, Yukio Iwaya, Hiroshi Matsuoka and Takao Tsuchiya

Binaural simulations using audio rate FDTD schemes and CUDA [#40]
Craig Webb and Stefan Bilbao

A Study on Dynamic Vocal Tract Shaping for Dipthong Simulation Using a 2D Digital Wavegude Mesh [#49]
Anocha Rugchatjaroen and David Howard

Achieving Convolution-based Reverberation Through use of Geometric Acoustic Modelling Techniques [#64]
Stephen Oxnard and Damian Murphy
Oral Session 4:
Time and Pitch Scaling

Pitch Shifting of Audio Signals Using the Constant-Q Transform [#81]
Christian Schörkhuber, Anssi Klapuri and Alois Sontacchi

User-Guided Variable-Rate Time-Stretching Via Stiffness Control [#67]
Nicholas J. Bryan, Jorge Herrera and Ge Wang

Improved PVSOLA Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting for Polyphonic Audio [#26]
Sebastian Kraft, Martin Holters, Adrian Von Dem Knesebeck and Udo Zölzer

On Stretching Gaussian Noises with the Phase Vocoder [#41]
Wei-Hsiang Liao, Axel Roebel and Alvin W.Y. Su
Keynote 2:

Back to Nature: Fantastical Echoes and Reverberations
Trevor Cox
Oral Session 5:

Real-time Auralisation System for Virtual Microphone Positioning [#75]
Tom Barker, Guilherme Campos, Paulo Dias, José Vieira, Catarina Mendonca and Jorge Santos

Spatial High Frequency Extrapolation Method for Room Acoustic Auralization [#42]
Alex Southern and Lauri Savioja

Poster Presentations 4:

3D Binaural Audio Capture and Reproduction Using A Miniature Microphone Array [#1]
Shengkui Zhao, Ryan Rogowski, Reece Johnson and Douglas Jones

Variable Source Radiation Pattern Synthesis for use in Two-Dimensional Sound Reproduction [#16]
Martin Morrell and Joshua Reiss

Energy-based calibration of virtual performance systems [#70]
Iain Laird, Paul Chapman and Damian Murphy
Oral Session 6:
Spatial Processing and Presentation

Parametric Spatial Audio Effects [#22]
Archontis Politis, Tapani Pihlajamäki and Ville Pulkki

Binaural In-Ear Monitoring of Acoustic Instruments in Live Music Performance [#73]
Elías Zea

Poster Presentations 5:

Acoustic Measurement Methods for Outdoor Sites: A Comparative Study [#51]
Mariana Lopez and Sandra Pauletto

Simulating Microphone Bleed and Tom-tom Resonance in Multisampled Drum Workstations [#5]
Alice Clifford, Henry Lindsay Smith and Josh Reiss
Oral Session 7:
Virtual Analogue

A Wave Digital Filter Model of the Fairchild 670 Limiter [#9]
Peter Raffensperger

Harmonic Instability of Digital Soft Clipping Algorithms [#45]
Sean Enderby and Zlatko Baracskai

Simulation of Fender Type Guitar Preamp using Approximation and State-Space Model [#25]
Jaromir Macak, Martin Holters and Jiri Schimmel

Virtual Analog Oscillator Hard Synchronisation: Fourier series and an efficient implementation [#37]
Joseph Timoney, Victor Lazzarini, Jari Kleimola, Jussi Pekonen and Vesa Välimäki

Poster Presentations 6:

Visualization of Signals and Algorithms in Kronos [#11]
Vesa Norilo

Scattering Representation of Modulated Sounds [#50]
Joakim Andén and Stéphane Mallat

Audio ADC dynamic range matching by means of a DSP equalizer and dynamics processor combination [#8]
Alexander Potchinkov

Uniform Noise Sequences for Nonlinear System Identification [#79]
Francois Germain, Jonathan Abel, Philippe Depalle and Marcelo Wanderley

Oral Session 8:
Sound Synthesis

Higher-Order Integrated Wavetable Synthesis [#69]
Andreas Franck and Vesa Välimäki

Synthesis of Resonant Sounds with a Heterodyne Model [#58]
Victor Lazzarini and Joseph Timoney

Nonlinear-Phase Basis Functions in Quasi-Bandlimited Oscillator Algorithms [#15]
Jussi Pekonen and Martin Holters

Timpani Drum Synthesis in 3D on GPGPUs [#36]
Stefan Bilbao and Craig Webb
Keynote 3:

Applications of Digital Audio Effects in Broadcast: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Frank Melchior
Oral Session 9:
Effects/Synthesis for Touchscreen and Mobile Devices

The Wablet: Scanned Synthesis on a Multi-Touch Interface [#18]
Robert Tubb, Anssi Klapuri and Simon Dixon

Digital Audio Effects on Mobile Platforms [#2]
Victor Lazzarini, Steven Yi and Joseph Timoney

Poster Presentations 7:

Time-Domain Chroma Extraction [#24]
Marco Fink, Martin Holters and Udo Zölzer

Online Real-time Onset Detection with Recurrent Neural Networks [#4]
Sebastian Böck, Andreas Arzt, Florian Krebs and Markus Schedl

Deploying Nonlinear Image Filters to Spectrogram for Harmonic/Percussive Separation [#63]
Aggelos Gkiokas, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Vassilis Katsouros and George Carayannis

Multi-channel Audio Information Hiding [#54]
Jonathan Blackledge, Ruairi Hickson and Abdul Al-Rawi
Oral Session 10:
Computational Auditory Scene Analysis and Processing

Characterisation of Acoustic Scenes Using a Temporally-constrained Shift-invariant Model [#30]
Emmanouil Benetos, Mathieu Lagrange and Simon Dixon

Audio-visual Multiple Active Speaker Localization in Reverberant Environments [#29]
Zhao Li, Thorsten Herfet, Martin Grochulla and Thorsten Thormählen

An Autonomous Method for Multi-Track Dynamic Range Compression [#6]
Jacob Maddams, Saoirse Finn and Joshua Reiss

Poster Presentations 8:

Voice Features For Control: A Vocalist Dependent Method For Noise Measurement And Independent Signals Computation [#10]
Stefano Fasciani

Musical Aspects of Vowel Formants in the Extreme Metal Voice [#55]
Eric Smialek, Philippe Depalle and David Brackett

Oral Session 11:
Feature Extraction and Source Separation

Phase-based informed source separation for active listening of music [#57]
Nicolas Sturmel, Laurent Daudet and Laurent Girin

On the use of Masking Filters in Sound Source Separation [#23]
Derry Fitzgerald and Rajesh Jaiswal

Unsupervised Feature Learning for Speech and Music Detection in Radio Broadcasts [#32]
Jan Schlüter and Reinhard Sonnleitner

A Simple and Effective Spectral Feature for Speech Detection in Mixed Audio Signals [#19]
Reinhard Sonnleitner, Bernhard Niedermayer, Gerhard Widmer and Jan Schlüter

Poster Presentations 9:

Towards Efficient Music Genre Classification Using FastMap [#20]
Franz de Leon and Kirk Martinez

Music Emotion Classification: Dataset Acquisition And Comparative Analysis [#77]
Renato Panda and Rui Pedro Paiva
Oral Session 12:
Resources and Algorithms for Audio Signal Processing

The development of an online course in DSP eartraining [#13]
Øyvind Brandtsegg, Sigurd Saue, Victor Lazzarini, John Pål Inderberg, Axel Tidemann, Håkon Kvidal, Jan Tro, Jøran Rudi and Notto J. W. Thelle

Impact Of Personalized Equalization Curves On Music Quality In Dichotic Listening [#3]
Duo Zhang, Hongmei Xia, Tiffany Chua, Gerald Maguire, David Franklin, Daniel Huang, Hung Tran and Hongbin Chen

The Helmholtz Resonator Tree [#33]
Rafael Cauduro Dias de Paiva and Vesa Välimäki
Tutorial 1:

GPUs for DAFx [Mon 17 - #1]
Lauri Savioja
Tutorial 2:

Pointers to More Effective Software and Data in Audio Research [Mon 17 - #2]
Mark Plumbley, Chris Cannam, Luis Figueira and Steve Welburn
Tutorial 3:

FDTD Methods for Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis and Audio Effects Processing [Mon 17 - #3]
Stefan Bilbao
Tutorial 4:

The Acoustics of the Singing Voice [Fri 21 - #1]
David Howard
Tutorial 5:

Practical Ambisonics [Fri 21 - #2]
Bruce Wiggins

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